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Unspoken to Human Resources -4-

30 March 2017 / Dr. Engin Baran


Anything else but a paper-cup. I have given twenty years of my life to this place… and to add insult to injury when white-collar person, to whom I thought the ropes , get a visit from their mummy, she is served her coffee in a bone china tea cup… There have always been discrepancies between blue collar – white collar workers. What seems to be different now is the effect it has on the workers. There has never been a time when blue collar workers expectations were this high.

And what would they want after all?

They want to be more appreciated. They want to be present in the award ceremonies They require career opportunities, demand to be educated. Want to be treated as equals when gift and prices are distributed, want to be asked for their opinions from time to time. They say, come out to our floor same time, interview us not more often but longer. In fact  what they are after is not quantity, it is quality in their relationship with their workplaces.

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