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Unspoken to Human Resources -3-

30 March 2017 / Dr. Engin Baran


I just want to try my luck!

This is another comment that we get from university students.

… I will not go straight to work after school. I am thinking of my trying my luck first. I’ll do something different. If it goes well… It will be smashing! If it does not work out, I will find a job in a corporate establishment… I will not lose yada lase out by trying my hand first, after all enterpreneurship is seen as a positive quality by the firms.

People who started their own projects before actually graduating from school and making a bucket-load of money

from them, as the likes of Mark Z, Sergey B, Larry Page are the inspiration behind this idea. Actually the first of much names goes on an on  with Sean B, Jon K, Maddie B. who actually became millionaires before they even turned. The story of Kiowa Kavovit, the six year old who skipped another tiresome career in an institutional firm and founded his booboogo which is valued to be worth more than a 100.000 $ to the music in their ears of these soon to be graduates, unsurprisingly.

It used to be two groups in the employement market. The newly graduates and the professionals, that is the the ones who had work experience in some place or other, looking for a new job. Now there is a third group added to the list. The people who first started their own business first and then turnded to corporate life; that is, the entrepreneur-professionals.

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