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Unspoken to Human Resources -2-

30 March 2017 / Dr. Engin Baran


I am dead scared of getting the wrong job. There is a constant leitmotive that keeps coming up in all the surveys and focus group workshops: getting the wrong job_one that is not suitable for them.


In reality here are to anxieties overlapping. Most of them one convinced that there are not many jobs that one suitable for them. Therefore, if they are not very careful they might end up with the wrong one. The second fear in on the other hand their getting the job and them finding themselves not up to it and drawn in a sea of problems. Here follows a most typical comment. 

…Terrible mightmare. I get a job. The walls are coming closer and closer. It feels like ending up as the heroine of a wrong movie. When I’m at home my parents shout : ‘’you have to Show determination, determination is everything’’…

The number one topic in the ‘Brave New Workplace’, Universum’s survey, is infact no other but this : work fit.

This is the reason why people try to get as many information as possible through social media, Linkedin or Glandson about their prospective workplaces. In career-day sessions student rather want to hear about the experiences of new-employees than PR briefings presenting them the facts about he importance or power of the firms. Actually they even want to be given a trial week before actually starting work.

The reason fort his new trend seems to berather obvious.

It is like Barry Schwartz says in his book ‘The Paradox of Choise’, there is a clear relation between the increasing number of alternatives and the augmentation of anxiety felt by not being able to choose the best option available.

I got a job in the only a presentable firm of the small town I was born in. But everything is going from bad to worse. Who would be to blame? The fate, of course, which saw bit to make me born in this small hole! I live in a big metropolis where there are plenty of work places, hundreds if not thousands of firms, and yet I could not find the right one for me. And who is to blame now? Me!

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